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Top 10 Fall Lawn Care Tips

Putting Your Guilford County, NC Lawn to Bed

  1. Monitor Your Lawn’s Thirst. Keep in mind that your lawn needs about one inch of water per week to thrive. During the usual temperature drop that takes place in October and November, Guilford County, NC homeowners often find it difficult to maintain a balanced watering regimen. One of the biggest issues that arises is overwatering, which can lead to fungal diseases. As a general cooler season rule, you should only water your lawn when it needs it. Therefore, if there has been a return of regular rainfall after a summer of dry weather, then it is important to scale back watering or cut it out altogether (especially once the ground becomes frozen). On the other hand, extremely dry fall conditions call for continued watering to keep your lawn healthy.
  2. Winterize Your Irrigation System. Don’t forget to turn off the outdoor water supply. Winter conditions can freeze the water inside of faucets and pipes, leading to bursting pipes and flooding inside of the home. If you have an irrigation system installed, an annual “blow out” is recommended to prevent bursting and cracking pipes. This involves the use of compressed air to remove all remaining water in the system.
  3. Rake & Bag Leaves. Colorful leaves sure are beautiful, but they can quickly cause more trouble than they’re worth.  Leaf coverage restricts the amount of oxygen and sunlight that reach your lawn’s surface. It can also lead to overly-wet conditions that invite fungal diseases to take flight. Make it a family project to head outside and rake the yard one last time before winter hits. 
  4. Mulch. Use a mulching mower (or purchase a mulching blade kit from your local home improvement store) to shred unwanted leaves into tiny, organically-rich particles that will eventually decompose on your lawn. These leaf particles add valuable nutrients right back into the soil, resulting in a stronger, healthier lawn.  
  5. Feed Your Lawn with Weed Man Guilford County, NC’s Fertilizer. Your lawn needs to refuel after a long, hot summer. Weed Man’s exclusive, slow-release granular fertilizer feeds your lawn as it needs it. It will also help grass plants store valuable nutrients for the cooler months ahead, aiding in the cold hardiness of your turf. Our technicians are fully trained to apply the right amount of material at the right time of the season to ensure that your lawn grows green and healthy come springtime. 
  6. Let Your Soil Breathe. Matted-down grass, sparse growth, pooling water, and a hard ground that is uncomfortable to walk on are all signs you need to aerate. Mechanical core aeration loosens soil and thatch, increasing the movement of oxygen, water, and nutrients to the lawn’s root zone.
  7. Repair Your Lawn with Overseeding. Repair bald areas of turf now to ensure a thicker, fuller lawn come springtime. New seed applied to the lawn will help eliminate bare spots, re-establish your lawn’s strong foundation, and progressively improve its overall health and appearance. For best results, keep the soil consistently moist by watering two to three times a day until the new grass is firmly established.
  8. Level Your Lawn. If you’ve noticed dips or holes in the surface of your lawn, it’s best to address these before winter sets in. Simply blend planting soil with compost and/or sand and pour mixture into any unlevel areas.  
  9. Mow Regularly. Guilford County, NC’s growing season can (and often does!) continue well into late fall, so be sure to mow regularly until growth ceases .This will ensure the lawn doesn’t grow overly long and shade itself, which can impede photosynthesis and limit food production.
  10. Mow Low for Your Last Cut of the Year. When you are ready to retire your mower for the year, lower your mower deck to the lowest height recommended for your turf. This will help prevent matting during cool, wet weather and keep disease pathogens at bay. It will also ensure the turf stands up like a stiff wire brush, helping it resist snow and ice damage. 
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